If you’re a salaried private employee in India, you must be wondering why am I paying so much tax to the government? Effective tax paid by salaried private employees in India is too unfair.

Let’s take an example of an employee who earns 25 lakhs per year. How much tax does this person pay to Government per year?

Income tax will be 5 lakhs per year. So his/her net salary is 20 lakhs. On top of this, he/she has to pay heavy petrol taxes, GST(12%, 18%, 28%) on so many goods. On an average a salaried employee in 30% income…

In this article there will be three sections. First one is to setup all the mongos and mongod processes/servers. Next step is to use this setup to shard some actual data. Last step is to understand how this sharding helps in increasing availability.

  1. Create 2 mongod config servers processes:

mkdir -p cfg1 cfg2
mongod — configsvr — replSet Config_server_replicass — logpath “cfg1.log” — dbpath cfg1 — port 20000 &
mongod — configsvr — replSet Config_server_replicass — logpath “cfg2.log” — dbpath cfg2 — port 20001 &

Note: configsvr flag here indicates that these mongo instances are config servers which will be…

Ever wondered why you aren’t reducing weight even after hitting gym daily? One reduces weight because of the calorie deficit, not on the calories burnt.


calorie deficit = calorie burnt - calorie intake

Lots of people ignore this calorie intake part. To start reducing weight, this calorie deficit should be negative(-200 to -500 calories).

Personally, I tried going to gym for weight loss. The more I worked out, the more I was eating. So this method didn’t work for me. I had to brainstorm a lot on how to reduce weight without compromising on by work and personal life…

Tarun Kumar Tella

IITian | Problem solver | Deep thinker | Story writer

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